Dental Assistant Training Programs

Dental Assisting Training School

Are you looking for a dental assistant training school so you can begin training for an exciting career in dental assisting? Enrolling in Fortis’s dental assisting training program can get you started on the career in healthcare that you’ve been looking for.

Taught by experienced and dedicated faculty, our dental assisting classes are specifically designed to help you quickly gain proficiency in the dental procedures and techniques you will need to obtain an entry-level position as a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Careers

Dentists employ dental assistants as support personnel to perform a wide range of roles that are critical to providing quality dental care and excellent patient education. While the specific duties of a dental assistant will vary, they may range from administrative tasks to direct patient care to laboratory procedures, each aimed at helping the dentist deliver quality oral healthcare. A dental assistant with both excellent technical and interpersonal skills may become a highly valued member of the healthcare team.

Dental assistants can work in private and group dental practices, specialty dental practices, mobile dental units, insurance companies, hospitals, nursing homes, dental school clinics, and public and private health facilities.

Job Opportunities for Dental Assistants

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job opportunities for dental assistants are expected to increase over the next several years. The employment growth for this field will be much faster than the average for all professions over the next decade.

Dental Assisting Program

Fortis’s dental assisting program will provide you with hands-on strategies and techniques that will enable you to work directly with dentists in both treatment and examination rooms. You will learn how to provide educational, preventative, and clinical therapeutic services to patients as a promoter of healthy dental hygiene. You will also be taught best practices for working chair-side while dentists examine and treat patients. You will also be exposed to a variety of dental specialty practices.The dental assisting program at Fortis combines classroom lectures and laboratory instruction, complemented by plenty of hands-on skill development and clinical experience.

As a dental assisting student,  you will receive valuable training in clinical, radiographic, and administrative procedures. You will learn how to operate clinical and diagnostic equipment found in most modern dental offices, including dental units and chairs, oral evacuation equipment, oxygen tanks, personal computers, ultrasonic units and x-ray units.

Upon completion of the dental assisting training program, students are awarded with a diploma and are prepared for entry-level employment opportunities as a dental assistant in a variety of work environments.

Start your Dental Assisting Training Today

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