Skilled Trades

Mike Rowe Promotes Need for Welders

Skilled TradesMarch 03, 2017

As the host of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,” Mike Rowe is known for working with his hands. He has spent time educating people about electricity, HVAC, and other skilled trades. On his blog, he addresses that what often matters most is a willingness to work hard, to master a skill that’s in demand, and to go where the demand is.  

Growing Shortage of Skilled Workers

A recent Forbes article noted there’s a growing shortage of skilled workers across the country, including welders. The magazine reported by the end of 2017, as many as 600 major semi-skilled professions could realize a growth rate of 5% or more, offering jobs that often deliver better job security and better benefits than white-collar positions.

As Rowe points out, what’s bad news for businesses that need welders, is good news for anyone who knows how to weld. As a result, welders can make a very good living. But, don’t think just because you’re a welder you’ll be stuck on an assembly line doing routine work all day. Those who’ve graduated from welding programs say their jobs require great precision, yet they’re interesting and bring about a true sense of accomplishment.

Not only that, welding opens the door to creativity. As one student welder notes in the video, you’re not limited to what you see – you can always cut metal and weld it into whatever you need for the job at hand. For those seeking a technology-based career, robotic welding just might fit the bill. Want to be an artist? You can even create art from welded materials.

As the founder of the mikeroweWORKS foundation, Rowe encourages people to investigate skilled trades as a rewarding career option. Because most Americans aren’t trained skilled tradesmen, such as welders, he advocates for more professionals willing to fill growing needs in many such fields.

Welding Programs at Fortis

Fortis also recognize the value of educating and training future welders because they are essential to so many lives. Welding Technology programs are offered at select Fortis College and Institute campuses in Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. For more information on what welding career options are most appropriate for you, visit our site … and get welding!