Nursing Job From Home: 4 Great Options

NursingJuly 21, 2014

If you think you would be interested in eventually having a nursing job from home, you have several options from which to choose. These careers offer the perfect solution for a nurse with a health limitation or who wishes to be a stay-at-home parent. In addition to the advantage of being able to work from the comfort of your own home, some of the jobs offer flexible hours that will enable you to schedule the duties around your other responsibilities. These employment opportunities will permit you to use your education and training to make a meaningful contribution to the health care system without leaving your home office.

Telehealth Nurses (Telephone Triage)

As a nurse who works in telephone triage, you will help patients over the phone and answer their health questions. These nursing jobs involve ascertaining the type of care necessary, making doctors' appointments and referring to a specialist. Employers who need your consultation could include doctors, call centers and clinics as well as managed health care insurance companies, college health units and home health care agencies. You could also be employed by health practices delivering immediate medical attention, such as urgent care centers and emergency departments. Prerequisites for this career are an associate degree in Nursing or a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN), and some employers may require several years of nursing experience.

Medical Transcriptionist Nurses

Working from home as a medical transcriptionist, your job will consist of making records of what doctors and other health care professionals say. This will involve transcribing dictations into reports of test results along with writing operative reports, referral letters and other documents. Since you will already be familiar with medical terminology through your nursing experience, it will make the transition into this career easier. The job requires an Associate Degree in Medical Transcription. After you acquire the necessary credentials, you can get assignments from medical transcription service providers or by becoming an independent contractor.

Legal Nurse Consultants

A nurse who is interested in both the legal and medical field will find a career as a legal nurse consultant ideal. In this area, you will draw upon your clinical experience and knowledge of health care education so as to apply it to the legal process. Your duties in some jobs may include analyzing nursing practices and health care facts. However, you may also work in liaison with attorneys or doctors, performing research to assess the merits of a lawsuit. Requirements for this career include a minimum of a BSN degree, five years nursing experience and legal nurse consulting coursework.

Disability Case Manager

Your work as a home-based disability case manager will involve evaluating claims and providing intervention in assisting injured employees in returning to work. Your role, in a collaborative effort with doctors and therapists, will be to help an accident victim return to a productive life. Candidates for this job must be a licensed registered nurse, and some employers may mandate several years of nursing experience along with other requirements.

If having a nursing job from home is your goal, several diverse career opportunities are available, according to Health Career Network. You are sure to find one that suits your preferences. It's exciting to know your nursing expertise can open these vocational doors.

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