Why Medical Assistants Love Their Profession

HealthcareJune 18, 2018

Ask a medical assistant why he or she loves what they do and you’ll probably get a wide range of answers. Two of the top reasons likely boil down to: (1) knowing that you are making a difference in patients’ lives every day, and (2) the diverse range of job opportunities medical assisting offers. For example, medical assisting can provide the background and open the door to a career in nursing for the right candidates.

Other reasons why medical assistants love the profession include being able to quickly launch a fulfilling healthcare career…many times in a year or less. Many also like being in a stable career field that generally also offers decent pay, and one that likely will continue growing as America’s population ages. Some enjoy being a medical assistant for life; however, medical assisting also serves as an excellent stepping stone to a myriad of healthcare careers.

Medical assisting rarely is boring, with jobs typically available in physician and hospital settings, to outpatient facilities and even patient’s homes. Plus…and here’s that term again…it’s fulfilling, because medical assistants interact with a wide variety of patients on a daily basis.

And, if those reasons aren’t enough to explain the popularity of medical assisting jobs, consider being a medical assistant is a career you can be proud of. Every day is different, often posing different challenges, and the healthcare team with which you will work typically can become like a second family to you.

Plus…and we’re not making this up…large numbers of medical assistants like the fact they can take scrub selfies that impress their friends!

If you’re considering a career in healthcare, you may want to start with Medical Assisting. You may find it to be exactly what you want to do for the rest of your working life, or it can point you toward a number of other healthcare and medical fields – everything from nursing and radiology, to surgical technology, office administration, and billing and coding, among others.

Most Fortis campuses offer a Medical Assisting program that can serve as an introduction to healthcare and a rewarding career as a medical assistant. To learn more about your options, visit our Medical Assisting page.

If you decide to take that next step, don’t forget to post your scrub selfie!

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