Surgical Technologist School: Look in Florida

HealthcareJanuary 07, 2014

With medical school out of reach for many people at upwards of $100,000 for tuition and fees, surgical technologist school is a viable option for those who are interested in working in a surgical setting. While the state of Florida has four public medical schools, tuition for nonresidents can exceed $200,000. The state also has surgical technology programs, which can take as little as 72 weeks to complete, and are far less expensive. If you are looking for a program with a reduced price tag along with plenty of opportunities for free time in the sun, Florida is a great place to attend surgical technologist school.

Why Florida? Consider the rich history of cities like Fort Lauderdale. This area was the site of the Second Seminole War, a land rush in the 1920s, and it also played a prominent role in World War II. The Naval Air Station there trained former President George H.W. Bush.

In addition to its rich history, Fort Lauderdale is also a major tourist draw for the state of Florida. There is a plethora of things to do when you aren't studying your coursework at surgical technologist school. These options include going on a dinner cruise, venturing out into the Everglades for a swamp safari, visiting the Kennedy Space Center or even enjoying the endless nightlife. If you happen to run out of things to do, remember that you are only a short drive from Miami as well as the famed Hollywood Beach boardwalk, which is bursting with daytime activities for cyclists, skaters, joggers and people watchers.

Surgical technologists typically work in an operating room assisting physicians and nurses with surgeries, but they also prepare patients for their operations and set up ORs. Though they spend many hours on their feet, they also spend a great deal of time with patients, who may be extremely nervous before their surgeries. The profession itself requires both stamina and patient understanding, as well as the ability to deal well with stressful situations and a wide range of personalities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the national average of job availability for surgical technologists will grow by 19 percent through the year 2020.

If you have longed for a career in health care but don't think you can swing medical school, think about surgical technologist school as an option. You will spend your career in the surgical suite, assisting with surgeries, interacting with your patients and helping your surgical team change peoples' lives. If you choose a program in Florida, you will be sure to have plenty of fun things to do in your free time.

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