Surgical Technologist Program: 5 Important Things to Learn

HealthcareMarch 21, 2014

Acceptance into a surgical technologist program may be the best career move you ever make. Not only will it lead to a potentially fulfilling job that is recognized nationally, but you will also take away many skills that will last a lifetime. The program has a certain level of difficulty, and some of the classes will test your academic boundaries, but upon graduation, you will feel accomplished and satisfied in your decision.

Handling Instruments

One of the most important things you will learn from a surgical technologist program is how to properly handle medical and surgical instruments. Knowing what instruments are needed to pass to the surgeon, their proper use, and proper sterilization techniques are all critical to your role as a surgical tech. According to, a site that interviews currently employed surgical techs, there are aspects of the job that no one ever thinks of, like the fact that, in a sterile environment, certain equipment — and the surgical team's hands — have to remain at a certain level of cleanliness to avoid contamination.

Gain Confidence

The surgical technologist program helps its students to gain the confidence they need. The surgical team has to be able to talk to each other — in some cases for several hours on end. Many personalities in a small area may cause some to become irritable, but every person in that room must be able to focus on the task at hand. A person's life may, literally, be at stake. Surgical technologist programs help you to build the social and professional confidence that every good surgical tech needs.

Medical Terminology

While anatomy and physiology will teach you the various bones, muscles and working systems of the human body, medical terminology teaches the wordage used while in a medical environment. This must-have ability helps you to talk and understand the unique language that will be spoken in the surgical room. The great thing about the class is that the terms used are universal across the medical community. So, even if you decide to alter your career path within the medical profession, the terminology will still be applicable.

Attention to Detail

As a surgical tech, you may have many jobs. You may have to prepare patients for surgery, sterilize all the surgical equipment and/or order all the supplies for the operating room. All of these jobs require you to pay attention to detail and to remain organized at all times.

Patient Care

Surgical techs help with patients during both pre- and post-op. In many cases, the patients will be relaxed, but still coherent. During this time it is up to you as the surgical tech to instill confidence in the patient, assuring him the best way you know how.

There are many other skills you can learn from a surgical technologist program. Take the time to research different schools to find the one that is right for you.

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