Surgical Tech Work in the Sunshine State

HealthcareFebruary 12, 2014

In a state where sun and sand are in no short supply, a surgical tech in Florida has an interesting job. With a sizable percentage of the population comprised of retirees and those seeking to soak up the sun on sandy beaches, the Sunshine State lives up to its nickname. The abundance of sunshine means that more time is spent outdoors, with that, a host of injuries that other states may not encounter on such a frequent basis. While surgical techs in Florida, like anywhere else, will undoubtedly partake in their fair share of more typical surgeries, there are some procedures that simply come with the territory. From skin cancer to hair replacement surgery, surgical techs in Florida not only save lives, but help improve them as well.

Plastic surgeries

In a population that spends ample time in bathing suits, keeping up appearances is important. From breast implants to facelifts and liposuction, a surgery tech working with plastic surgeons will remain busy. With 218 board-certified plastic surgeons in Miami alone, it speaks volumes about a population striving to hold onto youthful appearances. With the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery on the rise, surgery techs in Florida will always be in demand. If you would like a job with some staying power, this field certainly will not disappoint. With expected growth of 24 percent from 2010 to 2020, it isn't too late to head back to school.

Age Related Surgeries

As the population of Floridians aged 65 and older is increasingly on the rise, the need for health care to support them is imperative. While the sizable increase in the senior crowd has been good for economic growth, it has been a boost to the medical community as well. A surgical tech in the Sunshine State will assist in multiple joint replacements, cataract removals and heart surgeries each year.

Fun in the Sun Injuries

It comes with the territory that, in a perpetually sunny state, people will be outside more. Unfortunately, the great outdoors comes with its own set of problems. Beachgoers and surfers may find themselves on the surgery table for anything from shark bites to broken bones. A surgical tech in Florida will see victims of ATV and water ski accidents, as well as motor vehicle accidents. Those who linger in the sun a little too long may find themselves undergoing dermatological surgery, such as skin grafting or for the removal of melanoma. Florida has much to offer for the surgical tech that likes to both work and play hard. With so much to do both inside and outside of the operating room, the Sunshine State beckons. Don't forget the sunblock! 

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