Surgical Tech Jobs: What Should You Expect?

HealthcareMay 26, 2014

Once you have completed a surgical technology program, there are a variety of surgical tech jobs in many different environments. Here are some of the many possibilities for placement in this field.

Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

As a surgical technician, you may be presented with the opportunity to work for a hospital or emergency room. You could be responsible for helping surgeons and nurses in emergency situations where people are brought in after an accident or the sudden onset of a life-threatening illness. In this environment, it is critical that you respond calmly and quickly when helping patients. Those with surgical tech jobs are often the right hand to a surgeon who might be operating in a crisis situation, and may also find themselves assisting the nurses who are part of the ER team. Above all, performing these types of surgical tech jobs requires that you ensure that all necessary equipment needed to perform the procedure at hand is present, that it is properly sterilized, and that the operating room is clean and ready to operate 24/7.

Delivery Rooms

Another important role of a surgical technician is working in a delivery room of a hospital. There, you will directly assist in helping an obstetrician to deliver babies — and may even be asked to assist with a C-section, if necessary. As with any type of surgical procedure, in addition to assisting the attending doctor, you may also aid the anesthesiologist in administering pain medication.

Outpatient and Urgent Care Centers

There has been rapid growth in the area of urgent care centers as well as satellite offices of hospitals that treat people on an outpatient basis. In both of these facilities, you can be expected to prepare the room where a procedure or operation will take place. You will also be responsible for sterilizing the equipment that will be used as well as any tools.

The key to a successful career in any of the many surgical tech jobs available is to be calm under pressure and to be compassionate towards those patients you're helping. Remember: You might be the first person on the surgical team to greet the patient and then prepare them for the procedure. As a surgical tech, you will be able to provide comfort and safety to all of those that you touch.

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