Skills Required to be a Surgical Technologist

HealthcareApril 03, 2013

As you would expect in this field, attention to detail is highly important. Surgical technologists need to know the names of all of the relevant surgical instruments, what they look like and for what use the surgeon will need them as he or she performs various types of surgeries. This attention to detail goes well beyond just the actual surgery though. The sterilization of equipment and the pre-op readying the patient are just as important. Some surgeries can last for many hours as well, and you have to have a decent amount of stamina to be able to make it through long surgeries.

For the most part, those who become surgical technologists are going to be working in large hospitals, as that is where most surgeries are performed. It is possible to find work in smaller clinics and physicians offices as well. Working as a surgical technologist for a dentist or dental surgeon is another possibility to consider. 

Job Outlook and Compensation for Surgical Technologists

Based on reporting from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay nationally for someone who is working as a surgical technologist is $39,920 annually. Of course, the place where one works and experience level will have a direct impact on income and salary ranges. Still, surgical technician is a great job with a good, livable wage for just about everyone who gets the right education and who chooses to follow the career path.

Those who are considering the career will be happy to know that it is growing at the same rate as many other jobs in the field.  BLS reports that employment of surgical technologists is expected to increase 19 percent nationally in the next 10 years, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations.  Also, the large number of baby boomers is expected to increase the need for surgical technologists because older people usually require more operations, including joint replacements and heart-related procedures. Hospitals will continue to be the primary employer of surgical technologists and they are often choosing to employing technologists, instead of higher paid registered nurses, in operating rooms.

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