Sink Your Teeth into Dental Assisting

HealthcareFebruary 24, 2015

“Obamacare” likely will create a spike in the demand for health care services. “Anyone in a hands-on caregiving role is going to be in huge demand,” says career counselor and author Susan Odegaard Turner.

Caregivers like dental assistants, who provide many services during regular dental check-ups, including sterilizing instruments, preparing patients, and assisting dentists. They also may hand instruments to dentists, schedule appointments, and work in billing and payment.

America’s new health law will bring dental insurance to approximately three million children by 2018, which could create ripples of new job growth. The U.S. Department of Labor believes any increase in patients will mean more dental assistants will be needed to meet growing demand.

What does it take to become part of the solution? Programs are available now in most markets to prepare qualified candidates to become dental assistants. Click on the following links for more information about Fortis dental hygienist programs and dental assisting programs.

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