Recognizing Health Information Technologists

HealthcareDecember 21, 2015

Health IT primarily involves advancing medicine and care across the United States through electronic health records (EHRs), which help improve the quality of care being delivered, increase patient safety, hold down medical errors, and strengthen the bond between healthcare providers and patients.


Together, let’s spread awareness about all healthcare workers who are dedicated to advancing health through the best use of information technology.

What Does a Health Information Technologist Do?

Health Information Technologists work in an ever-changing field. Recently, Forbes spotlighted three rising trends that are driving change in the HIT field.  

Cloud-based Electronic Health Records.

Cloud-based electronic health records are helping provide seamless healthcare updates in near real time, creating better experiences for both patient and provider. Expect the cloud-based EHR trend to continue and expand.

Patient-Centric Devices

Apple Watches, Fitbits, and Jawbone UPs enable consumers to track health-related activities and food intake. Look for similar wearables - even biochip implants – to emerge on the health care scene within the next five years. Imagine biochips that can detect a diabetic’s glucose levels and automatically initiate treatment, and sensors that monitor heart arrhythmias and create a progressive model of medical care for patients.

Data Analytics & Patient Access

Advances in these fields will help drive healthcare in many new directions. Enriched data and digital technologies will become powerful tools for physicians. But, to be effective, they must be matched to patients. Going forward, look for companies to develop new and better ways for healthcare to be delivered and practiced so re-admissions are reduced and patient satisfaction is heightened.


It’s an exciting time to work in health information technology. Learn more about Fortis Health Information Technology programs – perhaps you’ll be among the next generation of professionals who will be helping to transform health!

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