Pharmacy Technicians Serve as Patient Advocates

HealthcareJanuary 18, 2018

The job of Pharmacy Technician is changing along with the healthcare landscape. In addition to screening and interviewing patients, they often serve as patient advocates. Before going deeper into that aspect of their job, it may be helpful to explore exactly what a patient advocate does.

Patient advocates have been called the “horse whisperers of healthcare” because they help people navigate the sometimes murky waters of medical care, from insurance coverage and co-pays to the cost of treatments…and more. As such, they have to be extremely knowledgeable about the healthcare process, as well as be very compassionate.

Although a fairly new field, patient advocacy is growing rather quickly. In fact, some institutions are hiring specialty patient advocate pharmacy technicians.

For quite some time, Pharmacy Techs have been a source of communication between pharmacists and patients. It’s part of their job. But, today, that role is growing even stronger as pharmacies look to their pharm techs to bond with patients and establish a good comfort level that lets patients know the road to better health will continue in a positive fashion.

Of all the changes in a Pharmacy Technician’s profession, the role of patient advocate is being widely accepted by patients and pharm techs alike. Part of that is because those relationships being formed with patients help pharmacy technicians better understand the role they play in providing strong healthcare. And patients like the idea that they come first, and have someone who stands ready to advocate for them.

It’s a true win-win situation.

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