Pharmacy Tech in Top 5 for Salary Growth

HealthcareJanuary 11, 2016

It’s no secret that job growth in the health care industry is among the fastest in the nation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the sector grew by 41,000 jobs in August 2015 alone, with new hospital jobs accounting for roughly 40 percent of that number. In fact, over the last 18 months, hospitals have added 155,000 jobs and more than two-thirds of all jobs added in 2015.


Anyone looking for a new job or career who doesn’t include health care in their search is missing an industry where demand is definitely increasing. And, for those wondering which health care jobs pay the fastest-rising salaries, says they should be looking at Pharmacy Technician.


In its latest report on the 20 jobs with the biggest pay raises, Glassdoor ranks Pharmacy Technician at #4, with a 6 percent average salary increase from 2014 to this year. That puts the occupation just 1% behind the two jobs tied for second on the list. However, with more than 14,300 openings, Pharmacy Technician greatly outnumbers any other job in the Top 5 for most career opportunities.


What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

Pharmacy technicians assist in measuring, mixing, counting and labeling dosages of medications, but, unlike pharmacists themselves, they are not the sole dispensers of medications. And while assisting pharmacists may sound like a relatively simple job, it requires great precision and detail. A pharmacy technician must have extraordinary focus in order to ensure prescriptions are filled precisely--and within the specified time period.


Pharmacy technicians may work in a variety of environments – from grocery or general merchandise stores to drug stores, pharmacies and hospitals - with those last three employing the majority of pharm techs. Industry sectors that typically pay the highest salaries include the federal government and outpatient care facilities.


In addition to larger than average salary growth, the job of pharmacy technician generally scores well in job satisfaction. Contributing to the job satisfaction, the upward mobility and workplace flexibility for pharmacy technicians are rated as “above average.”


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