Patient Care Tips for Radiologic Technicians

HealthcareFebruary 19, 2014

Radiologic technicians often don't interact with their patients for very long. With a job that needs to be done quickly, it's all too easy for patient care to take a back seat to the job at hand. When it comes to patient interaction, radiologic technicians have more than a few opportunities to make a lasting impression on the individual under their care through the use of kind words and compassion.

Introduce Yourself

Taking the time to introduce yourself helps to establish a baseline of trust. For the patient, it can often be overwhelming coming in and getting positioned under large imposing equipment when they are already experiencing pain or discomfort. Good patient care is so much more than performing the job well. It's about the overall experience from the patient's perspective — anything the radiology technician can contribute to ease tension helps in the long run.

Explain What's Going On

While the procedure at hand may be common for the radiologic technician, it's possible that the patient has no idea what is happening. Keeping this in mind, the short time it takes to explain the procedure to the patient goes a long way in the overall quality of patient care. Take the time to answer questions and clue the patient into the reasons for what you are doing. Conversation may also help to distract him from the pain he is experiencing at the moment. A little enlightenment can alleviate some of the fear, and you may find that this simple process can alter the outcome of the overall experience for both you and the patient.

Express Compassion

For the patient who is often distracted by pain and discomfort when he or she arrives, a kind word has a profound effect. Using a soothing voice puts the patient at ease and helps him to develop a more personalized relationship with the radiologic technician. Empathy can go a long way in enhancing the patient's overall experience. Taking said fear into consideration can help the radiologic technician to better communicate with the patient.

Though patients are usually only with radiologic technicians for a short period, the impact of a kind word and a warm smile is huge. In this rapidly growing field, the procedural and technical portion of the job is taught in school, but the human element of how to interact with the patient is often not covered. Remember that it only takes a few moments to make a lasting impression on someone who will appreciate it more than you could ever know.

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