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HealthcareNovember 15, 2014

Cracking the code to a rewarding future might be within the code itself. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, medical billing and coding information technician is growing at a rapid pace of 21 percent through 2020. The Medical Billing and Coding program is offered at many Fortis campus locations including Fortis College in Cincinnati.  The program zeros in on the technological evolutions in healthcare to facilitate medical billing and reporting procedures.  Students who successfully complete the program will be prepared for current coding standards with the baseline skills to adapt with any technology changes the future will bring.

“Increasing complexities in coding, changes in coding standards and the current trend in healthcare industry have all contributed to a growing need for well-trained individuals to enter the medical billing and coding profession,” said Paul Bao, VP of Education for Fortis.  The Medical Billing and Coding program at Fortis Colleges and Institutes prepares students with the skills to find billing and coding positions in medical offices, clinics, or hospitals.

They may not be the one diagnosing patients, but medical billing and coding technicians have to understand every chart. Accuracy and understanding is needed when deciding the best way to code a patient’s medical records. With today’s advancements, technicians need to be as tech-savvy as they are organized and should exhibit enough skill to use classification software and EHR systems. “A background in medical billing and coding can provide graduates with the ability to be successful in a variety of medical office environments and the healthcare industry in general,” said Bao. Career choices that are available to students with this diploma include a job as a medical records clerk, health information clerk, medical records technician, office manager, file clerk, medical records coordinator, medical records analyst, receptionist or a coder.

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