Massage Therapists Help Address Stress and Other Physical Conditions

HealthcareJuly 19, 2013

Between late nights of studying and dedication, has anyone ever told you to just “relax” in college? Letting go of tension during a rigorous college program may be tough, but learning a skill to help others relax is one element of allied healthcare that’s growing in popularity. People are becoming more aware of massage therapy and its therapeutic and holistic health benefits.

Whether it’s taking the edge off a rough week or rehabilitating the body in a time of need, massages can be the answer to healing. While people look for more natural ways of medicine and healthcare, massage therapists can supply support that’s both relieving and relaxing.

Fortis offers Massage Therapy programs at many campus locations including Fortis College in Richmond, Virginia.  “The Massage Therapy program at Fortis includes a multitude of therapy styles to provide students with a well-rounded, strong foundation,” said Paul Bao, Vice President of Education for Fortis.  “Students are trained in skills including Swedish massage, sports massage, kinesiology and the business aspects of massage therapy.”

What comes next after a diploma in massage therapy? From the practical experience to the textbook knowledge of anatomy, Fortis provides students with the skills needed to sit for state and national certifications to function as a massage therapist. People like to be pampered.  It’s a basic human instinct. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of spas and massage clinics are steadily increasing. Many offer affordable options making them a more frequent, realistic option for the average spa-goer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that massage therapy employment will grow by 20 percent nationally from now through 2020.

Empathy is an important trait for massage therapists and masseuses to exhibit with their clients.  Understanding the situation of the person on the massage table means everything when it comes to massage therapy. Among expected traits like charisma, therapists should be able to establish trusting relationships with clients in order to make them feel comfortable. Along with the emotional side, comes the physical dexterity of the job. Massage therapists also need to have enough strength to apply the right amounts of pressure and should be able to stay on their feet for long periods of time.

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