How to Get Started in Healthcare Management

HealthcareApril 04, 2018

Healthcare managers serve administrative or leadership roles in healthcare facilities, typically managing a department or the entire facility. According to, the best advice for future healthcare administrators is to start planning early – either in high school, or during your freshman or sophomore year of college…and keep in mind that a good academic record will be very important.

The website suggests extensively researching the career by visiting career-planning websites, talking to professionals in the field, and reading all about healthcare management…then reading some more. Oh, and plan on getting a master’s degree or doctorate, if you hope to advance in the profession since some employers only consider candidates with an advanced degree. Of course, the first step will be your bachelor’s degree, which will qualify you for an advanced degree.

In addition to the academic qualifications, healthcare managers need skills in communication, relationship management, and a solid business foundation in addition to industry knowledge. While that may seem like a lot of qualifications, keep in mind that the median pay for healthcare managers in 2016 was $80,000+ for those working in nursing homes, and $104,000 or more if they worked in large hospitals.

So, the path to healthcare management will include getting an undergraduate degree with a healthcare management major, then earning at least a master’s, if you hope to move up the career ladder. Joining and becoming active in a professional organization also is helpful, because they provide necessary resources for finding work, taking continuing education courses to enhance your skills, resume reviewing services, and open job posts, among others. Joining the American College of Healthcare Executives while still a student can provide insight both into the profession and post-graduation opportunities.

Healthcare management is a very rewarding career choice – in more ways than one. However, the road to the top involves much study, advanced degrees, and lots of experience. If it’s a choice that seems right for you, you can start at select Fortis campuses in Florida and Texas.

The Fortis Healthcare Management program is an associate degree completion program intended for those with one of several healthcare diplomas who also have experience in their field. The program enables graduates to work in entry-level healthcare management positions to gain a better idea of what the career involves and gain experience that will be valuable as they seek bachelor's degrees and beyond. Visit our Healthcare Management page to learn more.

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