How Health Information Technologists Help the Healthcare Field Run

HealthcareJanuary 11, 2016

What does a health information technologist do? First and foremost, Health Information Technology is a profession that helps people. Health information technologists enhance the entire healthcare process by making sure patient medical records are accurate, and properly organized.


Health information technologists are charged with compiling and maintaining everything from exam records and diagnostic test reports, to treatment procedures and other documents than make up each patient’s medical and health history. They also may spend time ensuring their hospital’s or physician office’s computer system is functioning smoothly and efficiently by trouble-shooting administrative and maintenance glitches.


The input of health information technologists has become even more crucial since the advent of electronic health records (EHRs). These professionals are on the front lines of guiding physicians and other caregivers through new digital paperwork technologies and regulations. Many times, they’re called upon to fill out the charts for physicians who aren’t computer savvy.


What health IT professionals bring to healthcare is invaluable – they are in a position to improve the quality of health care provided to patient, improve patient safety, and help to hold down healthcare costs through their efficient collection of data. They also often serve as “information police” by protecting their patients’ privacy.


Some might say health information technologists are the professionals who are best positioned to reform our country’s health care system by enhancing the level of care provided to patients, instilling order and efficiency into medical treatment protocols, and making healthcare available to all who need it at a reasonable cost.

How To Become A Health Information Technologist

Health information technology can be an exciting career for detail-oriented individuals who pride themselves on their accuracy. Learn more about the Health Information Technology programs being offered at Fortis campuses. Who knows? One day you may be part of our newest generation of professionals who are Transforming Health!

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