Healthcare Careers Offer Many Opportunities

HealthcareNovember 15, 2014

Jobs in the healthcare industry will undoubtedly increase in the next few years due to the demand for more affordable healthcare for everyone. Consequently, the opportunities to work in this exciting field will increase, offering prospective employees promising lifestyles with great pay, flexible hours and a multitude of field specialties to pursue.

Administrative Healthcare Roles

When you study to prepare for working in this field, there will probably be many types of healthcare careers available. For example, you could work for a hospital, a specialized practice or even an urgent care center in an administrative position. Your duties might include managing the front desk, making patient appointments and verifying patient insurance information. You could also be a billing coordinator or office manager responsible for making sure the practice or department you are working for runs smoothly. Working in an administrative role also gives you flexibility in these types of healthcare careers, since many of these positions are during the week and normal business hours. You'll likely need strong computer and phone skills in these types of healthcare jobs in addition to being able to deal with many types of patients — including those that are very ill. You'll also need to know a range of medical terminology when working in a hospital or private practice in order to communicate not only with the doctors but the patients, too.

Specialized Healthcare Careers

If you decide that you want more specialized training, there are ample opportunities for you to be employed in any number of exciting careers. You could work as a dental or medical assistant, or even in a clinical environment working as a laboratory or medical technician. If you prefer the fast-paced environment of a hospital, you could work as a nursing or surgical assistant. Working for a larger organization like a hospital or medical center will also give you the added benefits of job security, flexible schedules and sometimes even on-site daycare and a staff cafeteria! With seniority, you might even be entitled to work the days and hours you prefer, as well as have more vacation time.

Different Jobs in Healthcare

Ultimately, the type of job you decide to take in this industry should be based on your personal preference and strengths. Do you feel you would work better in a "behind the scenes" administrative role, where you'd handle patient scheduling, billing and referrals? Or does the action of an emergency room, where you might have to take care of people who are critically injured, appeal to you? What about working for a specialized practice like an obstetrician, where you would be working with pregnant moms or in a pediatric practice handling newborns to teens? 

Regardless of the type of employment in the healthcare industry you're looking for, ultimately you will be working with all different types of patients, from the chronically ill to those simply coming in for a yearly check-up. The ability to decide where you fit in is extremely important as it will help you to determine the field that you will feel most comfortable working in. The healthcare career you ultimately choose can give you the lifestyle that you want! 

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