America Counts on Pharm Techs

HealthcareApril 03, 2013

Under the nation’s new health care law, 50 million people who were without health insurance before will be able to seek care at physicians’ offices. That may reshape many aspects of health care – including the pharmacy technician profession. Pharmacy technicians typically obtain prescription information, and count, measure, and package prescriptions. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that, as more people seek a doctor’s care, more medications will be prescribed…adding to the need for more pharmacy technicians. Pharmacists will be called upon to serve as part of a larger, integrated health care team. In turn, that is projected to create “an increased role for techs, as pharmacists take on more patient care opportunities.” For individuals who enjoy working with people and helping them live more healthy lives, pharmacy technician may be an excellent career path to follow. 

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