Advances In Medical Technology Jobs With 3D Printing

HealthcareDecember 02, 2013

If you are familiar with 3D printing, you will realize that the advances being made with this revolutionary technique can be used in a wide array of medical technology jobs. The easiest way to describe this technology is to imagine a patient with an illness and a piece of paper with a diagnosis on it. Suddenly, that simple piece of paper is transformed with 3D printing, enabling you to construct a three-dimensional model that examines the problem in a whole new way. If you are working in the medical field, this has a significant impact on helping you to do your job more efficiently and accurately.

How 3D Printing Can Help A Patient

Let's say you are helping a physician explain a medical procedure to a patient. If there is a lot of complicated medical terminology involved in the explanation, having a 3D model for the patient to look at will make the task easier while also helping the patient understand the procedure better. 

Here are some more specific examples of how 3D printing can benefit medical technology jobs:

  • 3D printed models of a patient's own CT scans means there is less room for error in not only diagnosing a patient, but also in how they are treated.
  • 3D printing can establish practice models for physicians before they perform complex surgeries. This gives the doctor an accurate visualization of the problem before he begins operating.
  • 3D printing is a valuable tool for plastic surgeons.
  • 3D printing, with the use of computer modeling software and in combination with human cells and biodegradable materials, has been able to produce skull implants, hearing aids and a variety of prosthetic devices. 

The use of  3D printing in medical technology jobs increases speed while offering incredible efficiency in seeking out the root of the problem. When a patient's blood results arrive back from the lab, a 3D model can immediately determine, in the most visual way possible, what course of action or treatment is needed if a problem is present. This ultimately enables medical technology jobs to be completed more efficiently with less room for error.

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