A Rewarding Career in Radiologic Technology

HealthcareFebruary 24, 2015

Radiologic technologists, or radiographers, have very interesting and rewarding careers. Their job is exciting because they work with some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the healthcare industry as they care for patients of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 

Radiologic technologists often work in fast-paced and challenging situations, performing routine, emergency, or surgical X-ray procedures. Responsible for preparing the X-ray equipment for radiographic procedures and explaining the procedures to their patients, they must manipulate X-ray equipment at the correct angle and distance to the patient’s body while measuring the body thickness to properly set the machine’s controls for the highest quality images. Ultimately, they are responsible for producing quality X-ray images that aid physicians in diagnosing patient injuries and diseases and for developing treatment plans. 

For that reason, it’s extremely important for radiologic technologists to have the appropriate education and skills to be effective in their duties. Stress levels can be high for radiologic technologists, so it’s also important to be well prepared in the use of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills while working under pressure. As a radiologic technology student, you can expect to learn about radiation physics, radiation biology and protection, anatomy and physiology, patient care, radiographic procedures and image production. You also will develop competency in performing routine radiography, mobile radiography, fluoroscopy, trauma radiography and surgical radiography during your clinical rotations. 

When exploring educational programs in radiologic technology, look for competency-based programs that integrate lecture, lab, and clinical experiences to ensure you develop those critical hands-on skills as well as classroom knowledge. To learn more about the Radiologic Technology programs at Fortis Colleges and Institutes, visit Once you’ve made your school choice, look forward to an exciting, rewarding experience.

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