A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Technician

HealthcareNovember 21, 2018

Their jobs may be somewhat hectic but, according to hours-worked, pharmacy technicians generally have it pretty good – typically working less than 40 hours a week. They do, however, have a set schedule and routine.

The typical day for a pharmacy technician revolves around prescriptions and refill requests, which also include verifying that all information is accurate and complete. They spend a good deal of time on the phone, answering questions or handling requests, pre-packing bulk medications, filling bottles with prescribed medicines and filling out labels before putting them on prescription bottles. They frequently assist customers by answering questions or helping them locate health-related items, along with keeping up with storage and the security of drugs kept on the premises.

A majority of pharm techs (roughly seven in 10) work in retail settings – whether in chain pharmacies, or independent ones, where they process information, help fill prescriptions, double-check the accuracy of medications, manage inventory and deal with medical insurance. About 17% work in hospital settings, performing pharmacy calculations, interpreting prescription orders, and delivering medications to in-hospital patients.

Others may find themselves working for insurance plans, at a pharmaceutical company, or for government agencies – everything from the Bureau of Prisons to the V.A. Because pharmacy technicians must work with a wide range of people, it’s important for them to have strong communications skills, a commitment to excellent customer service, and a positive, respectful attitude toward those with whom they work as well as those they serve.

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