5 Reasons You Should Be a Healthcare Professional

HealthcareAugust 28, 2014

With the incredible growth of walk-in medical and urgent care centers, working as a healthcare professional is an exciting field to be in. Here are the top five reasons you'll know that the choice you made to be a healthcare professional is a good one!

There Are Career Options

Working in medical care, you may be surprised at the opportunities that exist in both back and front offices of hospitals or private practices. Perhaps you're good at medical office administration, handling the day-to-day aspects of a practice or busy hospital admissions department. Or maybe you'd rather work directly with patients? There are plenty of great career choices.

You're a People Person

If you like working directly with patients, see yourself as compassionate and patient, and feel like you can make a difference, then a career as a medical assistant is probably for you. Working in this field, you can expect to be the right-hand assistant to a doctor, and in this role you will often be the first person the patient sees. As a medical assistant, you may be responsible for verifying patient information, taking a patient's blood pressure and recording any symptoms that need to be passed on to the doctor.

You Love Technology

If you're a healthcare professional and see yourself as more of a behind-the-scenes type of person working with equipment, a career in medical office technology, as an X-ray technician or even lab assistant, is probably more for you. Given that the technology field is ever-expanding with new and more sophisticated equipment available to use nearly every day, this is a field where your computer skills and acumen will be vital.

You Want a Flexible Work Environment

Another reason you know being a healthcare professional is right for you is that you love action. If you're the type of person who thrives on working in an urgent care center, or the ER of a hospital where you see a constant stream of people with all different kinds of injuries and illnesses nearly round the clock, then this field is for you. Sometimes when you're working in these high-stress jobs, you have the flexibility to work longer hours but only a few days of the week.

There's Room to Grow

When you're a healthcare professional, there is always room to branch out and grow. If you started out working as a medical office specialist handling insurance information, scheduling and billing, but then decided you'd rather work in a diagnostic position or even directly with patients, there are ways to transition. With the background and schooling you already have, you'll most likely be able to easily switch gears and move around until you find a position that you're really comfortable in or get the continuing education you need to enter the position you desire while still working your current job. Ultimately, given the expansion of all the different kinds of facilities and healthcare options, there might even be career opportunities you've never thought of!

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