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Nursing, Medical, Skilled Trades & More

The FORTIS College in Cuyahoga Falls, OH was formerly known as National Institute of Technology.  FORTIS College is a postsecondary college in Cuyahoga Falls that provides career education and training to people in the greater Cleveland, Akron, Brunswick & Stow areas.

Have you looked for a nursing program in Cleveland, Ohio?  Do you think a career as a nurse in Ohio is an exciting idea?  At FORTIS College we offer nursing programs that deliver classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences to prepare students for entry-level nursing positions.  The Practical Nursing program prepares students with the skills to sit for the licensure exam to become a practical nurse upon graduation.

The Associate Degree Nursing program at FORTIS College Cuyahoga Falls is taught by experienced nursing instructors who are committed to helping students reach their career goal of becoming a registered nurse.  Upon completion of the ADN nursing program at FORTIS, students will be well prepared to sit for their licensure exam to become an RN.  With a nursing education from FORTIS, perhaps you too can one day join the 2.6 million Americans working as registered nurses.

FORTIS provides medical career training for allied health career fields such as Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, and Medical Billing and Coding.  Bureau of Labor Statistics rank medical assistant and dental assistant among the fastest growing occupations nationally from now to 2018.  Whether you desire a medical or dental career, the admissions staff at FORTIS will work to match your desires and your abilities to a program in which you can succeed.

If you want a career working with your hands as an HVAC mechanic or installer, then consider the HVAC program at FORTIS Institute in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.  Students learn to install and repair heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems.  Northern Ohio is full of residential, commercial and industrial buildings of all shapes, sizes and ages.  Sooner or later, they will all need their heating and cooling systems serviced or repaired.  With training from FORTIS, you can join the HVAC industry in less time than you might think.

If you live in near Akron or Cleveland, OH and are interested in CDL training, then the Advanced Tractor Trailer Driver program at FORTIS College in Cuyahoga Falls can prepare you to become a commercial driver. As the economy grows and older drivers retire, more truck drivers will be need to keep supply chains moving. The Fortis CDL program is designed to help students seek job opportunities in commercial driving for Over The Road, Regional or Local entry level driving positions. Students will work through advanced driving and maneuvering skills in program and, upon graduation, can be prepared for a successful career in commercial driving!

We pride ourselves in being among the top vocational colleges in Ohio. Our quality degree and diploma programs are created to help students enhance their career opportunities by equipping them with the needed career-ready education and skill set.

As a student, FORTIS College in Cuyahoga Falls, OH not only helps prepare you for your future career, but also assists in developing your personal and professional growth. Expand your written and interpersonal communication, problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities with FORTIS College.

Dental Assistant program is a degree only program.


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Graduate Testimonials

"My grandmother is absolutely just ecstatic of my experience and how well I did in school, that I graduated and placed so quickly in a job. I think from her I learned to enjoy people and that is why I think I have had the jobs that I have had, is the interaction with people."

Christina R.

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    We value your opinion and would love to hear all about your experience as a student at Fortis. Sharing your review online can help us make improvements to enhance your learning experiences and those of prospective students.

    LaTrisha F.

    The instructors taught me well; I made some good friends I stay in touch with and I enjoyed being at FORTIS; it was just like another family for the time I spent here. I feel great about my achievement and look forward to my career.

    LaTrisha F.

    Meriah N.

    My mom is extremely proud. She’s happy that I went back to school and continued my education. She wants me to keep going. She’s like don’t stop here. Go back in school, get another degree, get some more certifications, keep reaching for the stars.

    Meriah N.

    Dominique S.

    With me I was lucky enough and blessed enough to get hired on after my extern and the pay is great to me, I love it. It was well worth going to school the ten months I went to school. To me it was worth it.

    Dominique S.

    Robert B.

    Fortis College has made a difference in my life and my career by giving me the opportunity to not working on my hands and knees and working until my back breaks every day. Now I can work one stable job, stable hours, off on weekends or pick my hours, and make a nice amount of money.

    Robert B.

    Melissa O.

    I feel like Fortis College did make a big difference in my personal life, and my career, and me growing as a professional and just growing as a person.

    Melissa O.

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    FORTIS College, Cuyahoga Falls is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and approved by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools. Cuyahoga is approved to award Associate's of Applied Science degrees and diplomas. Registration Number: 04-09-1734T.

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    Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program:
    The following is a list of the programs offered at this campus subject to the gainful employment disclosure requirements. To display the information regarding each program, please use the drop down boxes to the right. The gainful employment information will be displayed along with the tuition and fees for each program. Consumer information displayed below may not reflect only the campus selected. Information provided is based on data from the campus selected plus additional Fortis campuses included under the same federal ID number.

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    Associate Degree (CIP Code: 51.0601)View Print For Gainful Employment Data:
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    Diploma (CIP Code: 51.0714)View Print For Gainful Employment Data:
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