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Welding Trends for 2019

Skilled TradesMarch 04, 2019

Welding predicts that in the next ten years we will be seeing more changes in welding technology than we have seen over the last hundred combined. The world is changing fast and the welding industry is keeping pace.  

While the physical act of welding has not changed, the projects welders work on and the way they hone their skills have evolved. From training on virtual reality apps to the manufacturing of self-driving cars – here are the top welding trends for 2019:

Rise in Virtual Reality

While Virtual Reality (VR) has traditionally been associated with the gaming and entertainment industries, VR has quickly become incorporated into the welding profession. Most often used for training purposes, welder-assistive technologies help students and new employees rapidly refine their skills, learn new techniques and improve their productivity on the job site.

Solar Panels

Recent legislation in California ruled that all new single-family homes in the state must include solar panels by 2020. It is expected that other states will soon follow suit. Welders will be needed to manufacture the panels and install them. 


Many already know how the automotive industry has adopted robotics for making cars, but robotics and automation is growing in industries from electronics and healthcare to food service and even police work. It is complex work to build and maintain the robotics used in operating rooms for eye surgery, for example. Who will help build and maintain these state-of-the-art machines? Welders!

Electric Cars

Elon Musk’s Tesla changed the automotive industry. While electric cars have changed the way consumers buy cars, not much has changed about how they are assembled. Welders are not only crucial to manufacture the cars, but also to install specialized computer systems and build the charging stations.

Space Force/ Exploration

The possibilities for welding are sky high, literally. The announcement of Space Force and NASA’s continuing advancements all point to the reemergence of space exploration. Behind every space shuttle, rover, and space station is a welder. These men and women work around the clock to assemble parts necessary to take astronauts to space.

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