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The Welding Technology training program is designed to train individuals for entry into the field of welding as industrial welders, welding apprentices or check welders. The Fortis welding training programs in Georgia and Ohio instruct students in mathematics and welding print reading in order to enhance their understanding of the basic requirements of the job. Welding symbols are also studied as well as the methods of destructive and non-destructive testing used in welding to determine what constitutes a quality weld.

If you want a career where you can use your hands and you enjoy finding practical solutions to problems, then the welding technology program at Fortis fits the bill.  Enroll in your welding program today at our Ravenna, Ohio or Atlanta, Georgia Fortis welding schools and you can learn the activities related to the design, production, performance and maintenance of welded products.  Students who enroll will develop a foundation in industrial welding techniques, craft skills, welding mathematics and career development skills upons successful completion of the welding program at Fortis.

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