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How Welders Built America

Skilled TradesApril 02, 2019

When it comes to American history, welding has been a cornerstone of many of our nation’s best moments and achievements. From the boom of the Industrial  Era to today’s modern architectural, electrical and robotic technology, welders have literally helped shape the United States of America.

Interested in the contributions welding has made to society? Here are some key areas of development where welders have made – and continue to make – their mark: 

Boom of Industrial Era/Travel

The Industrial Revolution, which began in the 18th century, marks the period when America made the shift from predominantly agricultural, manual labor based societies to a more industrialized and urban way of life. Perhaps the most iconic creation out of the Industrial Era was the railroad, which drastically improved travel capabilities and goods distribution from east to west and back.

Welders were, and still are, imperative to the creation of trains, planes, ships and automobiles, enabling Americans to seek new opportunities and ultimately advance the nation.

Iconic Monuments and Architecture

From New York’s Empire State Building to California’s Golden Gate Bridge, the hands of welders have provided our country with beautiful monuments that continue to be admired around the globe. Welders are involved in the building process, helping to ensure those buildings and bridges stand safely.

Of course, the iconic work of welders is not limited to America: the Eiffel Tower was first introduced at The World’s Fair.

Healthcare and Fitness  

From everyday tools used in medical offices to fitness center equipment and life-saving hospital machinery, welders have helped bring an array of healthcare devices to life. These continue to improve over time, keeping humans and animals healthy and thriving. Thanks to advancements in healthcare, the average life expectancy in America is currently the highest it has ever been.   

Modern Technology            

In a world filled with “smart” technology that encompasses communication tools, home efficiency gadgets, solar heating components, and animation equipment, we can thank welders for many modern-day initiatives. Welders help piece together the products that allow us to connect to people across the world, streamline our daily lives with ease and enjoy groundbreaking entertainment at the drop of a hat.

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