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Four Things that HVAC Technicians Love About Their Jobs

Skilled TradesFebruary 02, 2021

If going to work feels more like a chore than a passion, and you like working with your hands and learning new things, you may want to consider a career in HVAC & Refrigeration. HVACR technicians install, maintain, and repair heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems that control the environments in residential and commercial buildings and make it possible to safely store and transport food, medicine, and other perishable items. It's essential work, and many Fortis graduates who work as HVACR technicians can’t imagine doing anything else. Here’s why:

One: Lots of Variety

An average day as an HVACR tech can involve a variety of tasks and responsibilities. In some cases, you may be called to repair a unit using your troubleshooting skills. Other times you may be installing a new system. Each morning, you’ll report to your workplace, receive your assignments, then head off to the job site. That means you won’t be staring at the same four walls every day and you get to be out in the field, interacting with different people and finding solutions to various challenges.

Two: A Quick Start

Spending four or more years in a traditional college may not be the right path for everyone. HVACR technicians can get started in the workforce, after completing an education program. Once you graduate with the skills and knowledge you need, you can start looking for an entry-level job right away. 

Three: The Job Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for HVACR technicians are expected to be good over the next 10 years. Plumbing, heating, and air conditioning contractors hire technicians, as do retailers, commercial and residential site managers, construction sites, and healthcare and education institutions. And, since HVACR systems can be found in every state, technicians can look for work wherever they choose to live.

Four: Hands-On Skills

HVACR technicians work with their hands, which can make the job an interesting and enjoyable one. As homes and commercial buildings become “smarter” due to wireless technology that can control HVACR systems, technicians will also receive training in computerized diagnostics needed to install and repair today's complex systems. You’ll get to operate a blend of hardware and software, all while making a difference through improving people’s living and working environments. Plus, as systems change and become more advanced, you’ll be introduced to new skills in your role at the forefront of technological developments. 

If you’re interested in joining our growing list of graduates who enjoy working as HVACR technicians, Fortis can help you get started. Visit our website for more information and to find an HVACR training program near you. Or, call (855) 436-7847 to speak with a representative today.