Reasons Home Health Nurse is a Good Career Choice

NursingJuly 25, 2017

You like the idea of being a nurse, but don’t want to be stuck in a hospital or healthcare facility. Not to worry, Johnson & Johnson’s Nursing Notes reports becoming a Home Health Nurse is a viable option for RNs.

As a visiting nurse, you’d see patients in their homes…not a hospital or clinic. It’s becoming an attractive career choice for some nurses – one that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics considers among the nation’s fasting growing professions, translating into an estimated 76,000 new jobs annually. The benefits of home healthcare are many…among them:

Custom, flexible option. To a large extent, Home Health Nurses create their own schedule. Rather than being on their feet in a hospital ward for 12 hours, they can drive to appointments and educate patients one-on-one in settings where they’re most comfortable.

Autonomy and independence. Home Health Nurses often must be much more innovative than colleagues in hospital settings. But there can be a flip-side to being independent. With no medical team to back them up, sometimes treating patients can be unnerving. However, being in a patient’s home also may provide insights they can’t get in a hospital setting.

Patient diversity. Home health nurses may treat newborns to senior citizens, a significant benefit for nurses who don’t want to be limited to a specific patient demographic or condition, like cancer or trauma patients.

Rewarding Relationships. Nurses who are in patients’ homes are better equipped to observe their lifestyle and potential dangers, as well as form longer-term relationships with many of them. In addition, being on a first-name basis with someone sometimes can be strong medicine in and of itself.

Impacting Lives. Home Health Nurses typically do more than treat a wound or condition…they care for the whole person in a more holistic manner that helps people become healthier.

Becoming a Registered Nurse

Because they must work autonomously, rather than as part of a team, Home Health Nurses must be RNs at a minimum. For those candidates interested in training to be a Registered Nurse (RN), Fortis offers associate degree in nursing programs at select campuses in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia. To learn more, visit our site.