3 Ways to Have a Social Life and Still Be a Nurse

NursingJuly 18, 2014

Finding time to have a social life and a nursing career may appear impossible, but with careful planning it can be accomplished. Being dedicated to your nursing career is commendable, but everyone needs a break from working every once in a while. Taking a breather is healthy and well-deserved after giving so much of yourself to your career and your family.

Here are three ways that you can take some time for yourself and devote some time to your social life:

Synchronize Your Schedules

If you are like most people, you probably have groups of friends both at and outside of your nursing job. Some of these friends may even be the parents of your children's friends. Think about those that provide you the most joy or that you have the most in common with. Who do you get along with the best? Find some time that works well for the both of you, sync up your schedules and make plans. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big event — even spending an hour at lunch or out shopping together can prove to be therapeutic.

Fulfill Your Obligations Together

If you have too many chores to do and setting a date aside for your social life does not seem feasible, you and your friend can run errands together. Your friend is probably struggling to find time to do the same tasks that you are: grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, getting school supplies for the kids and more. You and your friend can carpool and do them together. With all the talking and laughter between the two of you, those chores will be done before you know it. If there is time, a quick cup of coffee could be the perfect way to end your evening!

Be Flexible

Meeting up with your nearest and dearest of friends may require some flexibility on your part. If she gets out of work at 11 p.m., and that also happens to be your usual bedtime, go to bed an hour or two later and meet her somewhere for a late-night snack. It's well worth missing a bit of sleep every now and again to reminisce and exchange pleasantries with a close friend. Seeing friends can ease your stress and warm your heart.

Being a nurse does not mean that you have to give up your social life. in fact, socializing has been known to make people happier and healthier. By spending time catching up with friends and decompressing after work, you'll be doing yourself — and the patients you care for — a great favor