Dental Profession Career Outlook

HealthcareNovember 13, 2019

If you are looking for a stable, rewarding career with a positive growth outlook, then the dental profession might be for you! Fortunately, Fortis offers programs in dental assisting and dental hygiene, so Fortis has you covered. Fortis dental programs can put you on a path to success in this exciting field.

Research shows that the general U.S. population is becoming more educated about dental health over time. People understand that research links oral health to general health. A healthy mouth helps keep a healthy heart, for instance. Furthermore, with advances in dental treatments and technology, people nowadays keep their original teeth longer and better than they used to.  This increased demand for long-term preventative dental services means a good forecast for dental professionals for years to come.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise that the number of dentists in the country is predicted to increase through 2037. With this comes a growth in demand for dental team roles, such as dental assistants and dental hygienists.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics foresees a positive growth outlook for both dental hygienists (20%) and dental assistants (19%) through 2026. This is significant considering the average growth rate for all industries in the U.S. is around 7%.

Keep in mind, however, that high demand can lead to high competition. Therefore, it is important to pursue a training program through an accredited institution, such as Fortis, that will help train you with the skills and abilities needed to stand out in a crowded applicant pool.

Fortis offers three dental programs: Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene and Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) Training. Programs vary by campus location.

Each program will prepare graduates with valuable skills to prepare them for entry-level and advanced dental careers. Our EFDA program, for instance, certifies students to perform complex procedures, such as:

  • Administering anesthesia
  • Applying sealants
  • Performing certain orthodontic work

If you are interested in a career in the dental profession, check out the Fortis dental programs or call 1-855-436-7847 for more information.