Dental Hygienists Share Things They Love about Their Jobs

HealthcareSeptember 01, 2021

Want something to smile about? How about celebrating World Smile Day, which is October 1, 2021? World Smile Day was started by Harvey Ball, the commercial artist who created the iconic yellow smiley face in 1963. According to the World Smile Day website, despite the success of his creation, Ball was concerned about the over-commercialization of his symbol. He decided to create a day that people could devote to real smiles and acts of kindness.  

Dental hygienists and dental assistants get to see smiles every day as part of their work. Here’s what makes them smile about their jobs: 

Building relationships 

“I love interacting with the patients,” said Holly S., a dental hygiene graduate from Fortis’s Salt Lake City, Utah campus. “I love seeing my patients every three or six months and getting to know them and their stories and their families and to be able to improve their overall health.” 

Helping people 

“I enjoy helping people and meeting new people,” says Sonja K., a dental assisting graduate from Fortis’s Lawrenceville, New Jersey campus. “Just the busy [day] and the hustle—I enjoy everything about my job as a dental assistant.”  

Improving someone’s smile and life 

“I'm working in an orthodontic office and every day we’re helping somebody brighten their smile,” says Bonita B., a dental assisting graduate from the Fortis campus in Columbia, South Carolina. “I'm also an instructor and I'm giving back on an educational level. Being able to give back with all the things that I've learned is breathtaking.”  

Patient interactions 

“What I love most about my new career is honestly the patient interactions,” says Valerie W., a dental hygiene graduate from Fortis’s Salt Lake City, Utah campus. “It just is wonderful to be able to talk with patients, get to know them, and having that professionalism and the prestige that comes with being a dental hygienist.” 

Building patients’ confidence 

“Every time you do an orthodontic adjustment on a patient you get to reassure them that this is just a next step to something more positive,” says Jamie S., a dental assisting graduate from the Fortis campus in Pensacola, Fla. “I've seen people get into braces who never smile or show their teeth, and I have taken braces off of those same people who then can't stop smiling.” 

Would you like a career that makes you smile? Fortis can help you get started as a dental hygienist or dental assistant. To learn more about our program options and to schedule a tour at one of our campuses, visit the Dental page on the Fortis website, or call (855) 436-7847 for more information.