Career Development for Allied Health and Medical Assisting Students

HealthcareNovember 01, 2021

Attention all students: did you know that you have access to the Career Services department? Since November is Career Development Month, we thought we’d put a spotlight on the valuable resources that can be found there that can help in your search for and land your first professional role. 

Career Coaching

As you approach graduation, the staff members in the Career Services department can help prepare you for your job search. During your last term, plan to meet with the Director of Career Services or other Career Services professional to discuss your career plans. 

In addition to discussing your career goals, Fortis career service professionals help students develop and refine other skills that will help them land entry-level positions. Often called “soft” or “critical,” these skills include qualities that will make an employee especially valuable to an employer such as effective communication strategies, professionalism and ethical behaviors and dressing for success. Career services also help students develop and practice interview techniques, prepare their resumes, identify job leads and more. 

Community Liaison 

Once you’re ready to start looking for your first job, career services can even help connect you to potential employers in the area. Our Career Services department acts as a liaison, connecting businesses with the prospective employees they need to fill their open positions. Career services departments often host job fairs and can even match students with employers or set up job interviews for graduates. 

Local employers love our graduates. “Fortis is a resource for me when we’re looking to hire new candidates because I can reach out to them, get a full in-depth idea of how that student’s been, how they’ve engaged, how they did in their clinicals, what skill sets they have,” says Kyle Greer, who hires medical assistants for a dermatology office in Cookeville, Tenn. “We look at Fortis when we want to hire a new employee because we know that they know us, they know our office, they know our providers, they know our staffing needs, they know our patients, they know our business.”

Obtaining employment will ultimately be your responsibility, but it’s reassuring to know that the team at the Career Services department will cheer you on and help you prepare for your next step. If you’re considering a career in medical assisting, Fortis can help you get on the path with a strong education. Click here to learn more about the program or call 1-855-436-7847 to talk to a counselor about getting started today!