A Day in the Life of a Surgical Technologist

HealthcareSeptember 01, 2021

One of the most critical areas of a hospital is the operating room, where life-saving procedures are performed. In addition to the surgeons and nurses you will find in the OR, you’ll also find surgical technologists, the vital healthcare provider who is responsible for preparing the operating room for the procedure.  

The surgical technologist plays a very important role within the OR healthcare team. If you’re intrigued by the idea of working in an OR, you may wonder what a typical day on the job would be like.  

Before the procedure 

Planned surgeries are often scheduled to begin first thing in the morning, and as a result, the surgical tech’s day usually starts early. After they arrive at the hospital, they’ll check the case load for the day and determine the specific instruments, supplies, and equipment that will be needed. Once they gather the items, they’ll check the equipment to make sure it’s working properly. A surgical tech will then set up the operating room addressing every requirement down to the very last detail, including organizing the instruments based on the surgeon’s preferences which have been noted on cards. Once the patient is brought into the room, the surgical tech will place sterile drapes on their body around the area of incision.  

During the procedure 

Once the surgery begins, a technologist is responsible for handing the doctor the instruments they need, so it’s critical that they know each instrument by name. In some cases, surgical techs may also be asked to perform various tasks, such as retracting or suctioning the incision site. As the surgeon finishes the procedure, the surgical technologist will count the supplies used, including sponges and needles to make sure that all the equipment and supplies have been accounted for.   

After the procedure 

After the surgery is completed, the surgical tech may help bandage the patient’s incision sites. Once everything has been cleaned, it’s time for the next patient and the process begins again. Surgical technologists are essential members of an operating team, and their work helps save lives every day. If this role sounds exciting to you, Fortis can help put you on the path to this rewarding career. Click here for more information or call us today at (855) 436-7847 and speak to one of our career counselors.