4 Assets That Makes A Great Surgical Technologist

HealthcareJune 13, 2019

There are a number of skills that can help an aspiring surgical technologist to succeed in his or her chosen career. Some of these skills are outlined below:

Attention to Detail

The operating room is a fast-paced environment where there are many things that require maintained attention. Surg techs are responsible for keeping track of all moving parts during surgery and making sure all equipment is accounted for. From the positioning of equipment, to the sterilization of tools, to the scheduling of a procedure – every detail matters.


Communication is important as a member of any team, and the staff in an operating room is no exception. Surgical techs work closely with the entire surgery team and must be able to communicate well with them and work in conjunction with the rest of the team to ensure a smooth operation.


Surg techs work under the orders of a doctor or head surgeon. Although advanced surgical techs may lead a team of other techs, listening carefully to doctors and patients and being able to respond clearly is a critical part of the job.


Surg techs should have steady hands and manual dexterity. As a surg tech, a large portion of the job involves passing items from hand to hand, picking things up, holding instruments steadily and handling sharp objects.

Surgical technology can make a great career path for those who desire to work in an operating room without having to complete the more extensive education and training required of nurses and doctors. If this is your desire and you possess these skills, surg tech may be for you!

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