3 Good Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Medical Assisting

HealthcareDecember 06, 2019

Is a career in medical assisting in the cards for you? If you have a good organizational skills and a desire to help others, then a medical assistant position may be a perfect fit. Fortis knows the value medical assistants bring to clinics and physician offices, so Fortis has designed the medical assisting curricula to be applicable to train students to work throughout the country. Explore the below reasons why you should consider a career as a medical assistant:

1. You are a People Person

Medical assistants have direct contact with patients.  An important part of the job is to help a patient feel comfortable during a visit to the doctor, which is something many patients can find to be quite stressful. MA’s are often the person a patient meets first when they enter the office.  As the first contact for a new or returning patient, you as the medical assistant are a critical and essential element in the patient’s overall experience from start to finish.

2. You Love Flexibility

If you enjoy a unique work environment that keeps you on your feet, the duties of a medical assistant are many during a regular work day. From scheduling appointments to taking patient vitals, medical assistants have to move from one task to the next. When you work in a physician’s office, no two days are ever the same.  Each day you interact with new people and see new cases, so medical assistants have to stay flexible to accommodate the demands of working in a medical practice.

3. You are Organized

If you enjoy being prepared and having a plan of action for everything, then your attention-to-detail will help propel your career as a medical assistant. From recording a patient’s medical history to filling out insurance forms, medical assistants must be attentive and organized. If you are a type-A worker who loves to keep your office functioning smoothly and efficiently, then medical assisting may be your calling!

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