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Train to Become an Electrician with Classes at FORTIS

At Fortis, our Electrical Trade program provides students with the professional skills and knowledge they need to enter the workforce to begin a career as a residential, commercial or industrial electrician. Electrical trades students will learn the importance of safe work habits when working with high voltage applications, as well as how to comply with both OSHA and National Electric Code standards.

The electrical trades program at Fortis' electrician schools covers simple atom and magnetic theory and the process of electrical production, knowledge that remains important no matter how electrical equipment and products change in the future. Other core classes include Alternating Current Theory (A.C.), A.C. Motors and Control, and Three Phase Power and Transformers.  These are all critical areas of education for any student seeking a career as an electrician.

Graduates of the Electrical Trades program should be knowledgeable about conduit bending, motors and controls, electrical schematic interpreting, and troubleshooting techniques, which are critical talents that employers desire in prospective employees. Don't wait! Act now!  Request more information from Fortis on how you can get started in this exciting electrical trades training program to train you to become an electrician in Florida, Ohio, Alabama or Pennsylvania.

* Contact local campus for specific licensure requirements