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Medical Office Basic X-ray Technician: A Healthcare Profession You Can Depend On

X-ray Technology is much more than taking pictures of bones. Doctors use X-rays to see inside the human body to assist in the diagnosis of diseases, medical conditions or bodily injuries.

The Medical Office Basic X-Ray Technician program at FORTIS provides a practical, hands-on education to prepare students in a variety of medical skills commonly used in a doctor’s office or clinic. Students will learn medical terminology, anatomy and physiology along with basic front office medical skills and procedures including electronic health records maintenance.  

To learn the competencies required of a basic X-ray technician, students will participate in classroom and laboratory study of X-ray procedures, learn how to correctly operate X-ray equipment, position patients and develop X-rays. Students will develop clinical skills in EKG, exam set up and other areas used in a physician’s office, walk-in clinic or hospital setting. 

As the US population grows and ages, there will be an increased demand for diagnostic imaging. So as medical technology advances there will be opportunity for those with x-ray skills in hospitals, physicians’ offices and diagnostic imaging centers.  Enroll today and let FORTIS prepare you for an entry level position as an X-ray technician. 

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