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Increased use of modern digital components for home theater systems and sophisticated camcorders has lead to more demand for skilled technicians to install, service and repair this equipment.
Digital technology has miniaturized today’s audio, video and telecom devices resulting in tighter installation tolerances and higher service standards.  So as these components continue to get smaller, the demand continues to get bigger for people trained to keep our modern devices in working order.
The Electronic Systems Technology program at FORTIS covers the key facets of working with low-voltage electrical systems and digitally integrated systems and networks.  Learn installation, trouble shooting and repair using lab exercises and classroom presentations.At FORTIS, you will explore electrical theory and learn about electrical devices commonly found in residential and commercial applications such as home theater, audio, video, fiber, telecom, intercom, security and computer networking systems.
As technology continues to advance and as older workers retire, the job prospects in this field will be best for those with a thorough knowledge of electrical systems, related work experience and good customer service skills according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

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