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Tijuanna B.

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Tijuanna B.

Medical Assisting

Fortis College in Baton Rouge

My name is Tiajuanna, I am 22 years old, and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am working as a physical therapy technician. Not everyone can attend a four-year university or community college. Some, like me, need schools like Fortis College.

After working in the restaurant industry, I realized I needed to change my career to best provide for my children. I tried enrolling in community college, but was overwhelmed by the large classroom sizes, underwhelmed by impersonal professors, and frustrated by the lack of student/teacher interaction.

Fortis proved to be everything that community college was not.

From the friendly front desk receptionist, to the passionate and kind teachers, Fortis made me feel at home … like I belonged there. Everyone wanted me to succeed, and in return, I found the motivation to succeed within myself.

When my daughter became ill, Fortis helped me overcome the challenge. I was inspired to study medicine and I graduated with an emphasis on medical assisting. I was hired to work immediately after completing my externship.

My life has significantly changed for the better. Finally, life became enjoyable, and possible.

Every aspiring student, with or without a family to feed, deserves an opportunity to achieve greatness. I accredit my confidence to Fortis.

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