Shawn D.

Shawn D.

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Shawn D.

Program Graduate

Fortis College in Cincinnati

I graduated from FORTIS and have had the opportunity to completely change my career field. I came to FORTIS after being laid off. It was a scary thought to be returning to school after having been out of school for at least 20 years. The FORTIS staff and faculty made themselves extremely available during my time. They offered tutoring and mentoring on a constant basis so that I could gain the confidence and knowledge that I needed to perform in the medical field. I knew that my dreams could be realized. I was able to graduate from the program and was actually hired on at my externship site!

I was surprised at graduation to receive an award for leadership on top of simply earning my diploma. I took full advantage of all that FORTIS offered me to succeed and had a wonderful experience. It is true that you only get out of it what you put in and part of my heart will always be grateful for the experiences and knowledge that a FORTIS education has afforded me. As a graduate, I now come back to FORTIS and assist in preparing graduates to take licensure exams. Thank you FORTIS for all of your help!

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