Rebecca W.

Rebecca W.

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Rebecca W.

Massage Therapy

Fortis Institute in Pensacola

Before Attending FORTIS Institute I had recently completed my bachelor's degree and was unemployed and unable to find a job. I chose a career in Massage Therapy because I became interested in the field after receiving massages, and seemed that it was a career that would interest and challenge me.

While attending FORTIS, my most rewarding experience was volunteering at the triathlon in Panama City because I was able to use the sports massage skills on real athletes and get more hands on experience. Career Services assisted me by giving me the skills necessary to best explain my skills and create a resume that would catch employers attention to find a job. Mrs. Fornéy the Career Services Director, set me up with an interview with my current employer. I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist, working for Massage Envy!

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