Patricia J.

Patricia J.

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Patricia J.

Medical Assisting

Fortis College in Columbia

I like to help people, have been doing it all my life and wanted to do that for the rest of my life. There are lots of ways to help people but I was also interested in the heart, the brain and general health and physiology. A friend who already went through the program at FORTIS College, Columbia, recommended that I should look into program options here and I had also noticed the TV advertising for the college so I applied, met with Admissions and quickly started the program.

My experience with the program was mainly very good, the teachers were good. Adjusting to the classroom dynamic had its own challenges but I focused on what I had to do and prevailed. I worked throughout the program and have 12, 5, 2 year old kids so the workload was huge but I was really helped by the support provided by the children’s father. The challenge of managing a home, raising a family and doing all that homework and classroom time was a lot to do but I adjusted as needed and got through. I feel great about my achievement and am so glad I completed. AND I FINISHED WITH A 4.0!

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