Joshua B.

Joshua B.

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Joshua B.

I wanted to get into nursing because number one, it’s a stable field.  

Then just the fact of the nature of the work, just helping people and the rewards that you get from doing a good job every day and when a patient or a family member thanks you or you see the look on a patient or family member’s face, there is nothing like it in the world.

I came to Fortis and the teachers, the administrators and the other students it is like a smaller family, a smaller community within the community so you feel like an individual.

The education I received at Fortis has changed my personal life by enriching it.  It’s made me become a deeper person.  

As soon as you have that degree in your hand and Fortis prepares you to take those boards, and you pass the boards, then numerous doors just open for you that you wouldn’t have had before.

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