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Fortis Institute in Wayne

At a time when I found myself in a dead end job, Fortis Institute was a breath of new life in my career.  After dropping out of a four year college, I soon realized that it was difficult to advance in a company without a degree or specific trade, at least.  A friend told me about Berdan Institute, now known as Fortis Institute.  I called an admissions person and ended up agreeing to an in-person meeting for later that day.  Since I didn’t have an exact program in mind she explained all the programs that Fortis had to offer until I chose the Biotech Program.  I chose Biotech because I knew of people working in the pharmaceutical industry and always thought of it as a good way to make a living.  Plus, it seems as there is always a need to develop and manufacture medicine so the demand is normally pretty good even at its worst times.  

I was extremely satisfied with the education I received in terms of content and interaction with the faculty.  You will find that the teaching staff is a combination of industry experience and very approachable personalities.  I remember getting close to the other students, since you are all part of a pretty intense program, and always having discussions about what companies are hiring and where we can all apply.  Now I am a Manufacturing Bioservices Operator for Imclone Systems currently enrolled in a program for a bachelor’s degree in Project Management.  Fortis was the stepping stone that helped start the career that supports my life today.  Where would I be without Fortis Institute?  I would probably be in the same dead job as the day I first walked on campus.  Thank you to everyone at Fortis, from the admissions department to the teaching staff.

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