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April B.

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April B.

Medical Assisting

Fortis College in Columbia

My mother was a Registered Nurse, but I had never really thought about the medical field. This was until my best friend was 2-3 months in her Medical Assistant program, and one day told me I needed to register, so I did.

With FORTIS College, I enjoyed attending classes every morning to spend time with fellow classmates. After attending classes with the same classmates, you get to know people. Because of that, I have gained new friendships. We worked together to study for tests. There were times we played pool for study sessions, while someone would ask questions from that module. Ms. Hill’s and MR. Hartley’s test had two tests that I diligently studied for, and was happy to receive two A’s. Not only had I gained friendships, I had gained role models. Ms. B kept me on edge, and made me learn and want to put the effort while in school. After two weeks into the program, I discovered I was pregnant. Now, I am known to have the ‘FORTIS Baby,’ and was able to bring my baby in to meet Ms. B. Ms. Chapman is like a life dictionary, who has the life experience and makes you think more about goals. She made me realize that graduating from Fortis was a career change.

My externship was with Agape Hospice, where I was able to work one on one with patients. There was a lot of transition occurring, so I was not just an extern. I took on the role as the Medical Assistant, and did it all. I had worked the front desk, took vitals, drew blood, etc. I found out that I enjoyed working hands on with patients. I really miss those patients at Agape because I learned more about who they were and heard some interesting stories.

I miss coming in the morning and being with my fellow classmates, but I now I have my Medical Assistant Certificate. I can look for more of a professional job working towards a career than just looking for a regular job. Most companies/employers are looking for an education and now I have that.

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