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Amanda D. (1)

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Amanda D.

I actually always wanted to do dental hygiene so right out of high school I started working on my prerequisites and stuff for dental hygiene.  But I wanted to make sure I wanted to be in the dental field, so I decided to assist first and I loved it.

What I do now is I work for an office, a general dentist office up in Evanston, Wyoming.  I work three days a week as a dental hygienist and I love helping people and helping people be happy with their smiles. 

I have to make the patient feel comfortable because the dentist office isn’t always the most comfortable place to be for most people. 

We sit them down, we go over all their medical and health history and then we take x-rays of their teeth and get them ready to see the dentist and we get them all cleaned up.

I chose Fortis College because they had no waiting list first of all.  Back when I went to school most of the schools had a long waiting list to get in.

 So I interviewed and it was the first school I got into and it was an accelerated program and I really liked that.