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Amanda D. (2)

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Amanda D. (2)

I attended the Fortis in Salt Lake City, Utah and my major was dental hygiene.

When I was in school I did work, but I only worked about eight hours a week.  You have to be very, very motivated for dental hygiene; it’s a pretty tough thing to get through. 

My instructors were always very willing to stay after class and help me out when I needed the extra help and I would stay for a couple of hours here and there, but no one ever said no or anything and I am still good friends with a lot of my instructors today.

Career services helped me a lot with my resume and helping me be on a great path for me to find an office to work for.  We had a class on how to write a resume and they helped me find my first job.

My sons think it’s great what I have done and they’re always coming asking me questions and telling everybody what I do for a job and they just think it’s great.

I think that graduating from somewhere like Fortis College would help my sons because they can look up to me and see that I’ve done it.