Smyrna - William Myers

Smyrna - William Myers

Profile photo of Employer - Practice Manager, Heartland Dental

Employer - Practice Manager, Heartland Dental

Dental Hygiene

Fortis College in Smyrna (Atlanta)

The dental field has changed dramatically over the past few years because of all the technology.  We are using lasers to detect decay in teeth so that before you can even see it with the naked eye this laser can detect the decay in the teeth. 

The knowledge that we look for from a hygienist and a dental assistant is mostly very technical from the perspective of what they get in their educational experience.

We look to Fortis because Fortis seems to have the formula right.  They have the technical aspect in hand and they’re teaching that very effectively, but they’re also good at identifying good quality candidates for jobs with Heartland. 

And so I don’t really have to worry when a Fortis candidate comes in house for an interview.

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